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Pokemon Collection Wanted List
Main Collections


--Pokemon Spooky Party 2014 Halloween Promo clear file (The zippered pouch featuring this artwork is pretty cool, too.)
Pokemon Spooky Party Clear File

--Lampent and Chandelure Evolution Charms (I already own Litwick.)

Litwick:Lampent:Chandelure Evolution Charms

--Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure "Stained Glass" Deck Box

Chandelure Deck Box

--Pokemon Haunted Night Cup & Saucer (Part of the 2013 Halloween Pokemon Center Promo)

Pokemon Gothic Cup and Saucer

--Pokemon Haunted Night Tablecloth (Part of the 2013 Halloween Pokemon Center Promo)

Pokemon Haunted Night Tablecloth

--Pokemon Haunted Night Seal (Part of the 2013 Halloween Pokemon Center Promo)

Pokemon Gothic Seal

Subway Masters Emmet & Ingo


Subway Masters Poster

ORAS Team Magma Maxie

--July 2014 ORAS Corocoro Magazine
This is the magazine in which Maxie's ORAS redesign is revealed.



--Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra Zukan figures

Note: If any of these pictures are yours, and you would like me to remove them, please message me, and I will take them down. Thank you.

Plush and Figures
Greetings, PkmnCollectors! I've enjoyed looking at the PkmnCollectors community page and keeping current on upcoming Pokemon merchandise. I also keep seeing adorable Litwick for sale, which has influenced my desire to join this community. Besides seeing cute candles, I also appreciate that this community has a positive, upbeat atmosphere--something that I would like to see more of on the internet.

Pokemon plush and figures

Here's a hodgepodge chunk of my collection. I'd like to collect around certain Pokemon, and I've thought about collecting only certain types of merchandise...but so far I have been unsuccessful. The Pokemon franchise offers too many cute and cool items! Maybe PkmnCollectors will help me focus my collection...or maybe it'll just make it more random than it already is! ^_~

Favorite Pokemon
Below is a list of some of my favorite Pokemon from each generation...

Red/Blue/Yellow: Charmander
Gold/Silver/Crystal: Unown
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Absol, Azurill, Latios
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Rotom, Darkrai
Black/White: Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure, Cobalion, Reshiram
X/Y (thus far): Inkay, Mega Absol, Mega Mewtwo X
Favorite Pokemon type: Dark

...and favorite Pokemon people...
Anime/Movie Character: Lawrence III (the antagonist from the 2nd movie)
Elite Four: Grimsley
I also like Subway Masters Emmet and Ingo, but I don't know what sort of category to put them in.

...I doubt this list will ever be 100% accurate...there are too many Pokemon and more characters being added. I'm also too indecisive.

Pokemon stationery

A couple of these notebooks even contain stories about Pokemon. I no longer write fan fiction, but I still enjoy writing and wouldn't mind adding more stationery goods to my Pokemon collection.


The backs of the pink and blue sketchbooks.

Pokemon stickers and stuff
Pokemon stickers and stuff

Pokemon stickers, Pokemon Black 2 game, water-type tin, and custom Absol keychain...but mostly stickers.

Framed set of 152 Pokemon figures
Framed Pokemon Figure

I caught all the original Pokemon (plus Togepi)! This framed figure set reminds me of a Pokemon PC box from the games.